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Franz Welz glass is most noted for it's colourful artistic glassware produced during the 1920's & 1930's.
czech-artglass.com - Visual Decor Collection
Please enjoy the photos of my collection...It is not a large collection, but I wanted to have a place to share glass that I currently own or have previously owned. I try to capture the artistry of the pieces so I tend to take a lot of photos. These pieces are not necessarily for sale, but I am open to the discussion of selling any piece.

I have also included a visual décor of most of the identifiable pieces from the main glass houses.

*All photos "taken by me" are property of Czech-artglass.com and Thomas Flory unless otherwise stated. I don't mind sharing for personal use, but do not alter, reproduce or sell the images without written permission. If you see a photo that you believe is yours and want it removed, please contact me.​
Kralik was probably the largest volume producer of Bohemian ‘art glass’ in the early 20th century.
Czech Art Glass that has not currently been attributed to a particular glass house.
Other Glass Houses
To include...Ruckl, Loetz, Pallme Koenig and Rindskopf pieces
Coming Soon
Various Pictures
To include...Czech collector shows, friends and glass...glass...glass
Coming Soon