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Franz Welz Klostergrab
Welz Special Categories
Welz Decor Categories
Bi-color Spots
Bubbles & Spots
Aqua Purple
Chartreuse Variegated
Iridescent Swirl
Harlequin Spatter
Honey Comb
Iridized Red Spatter
Oxblood and Spatter
Pastel Spatter
Purple Iridescent
Red-Yellow and Black
Red Variegated
Red White and Blue
Red Yellow Green Adventurine
Stripes and Aventurine
Salt and Pepper
Spiral Feather
Stripes and Spots
Welz glass - shown below is a combination of pieces from my collection and photos of represenative pieces that I do not currently have in that décor. I have built this page based on the décor research and the décor names found on kralik-glass.com (Craig Orkney's website). You will find here my current vases, bowls and other decorative glassware by Franz Welz of Czechoslovakia.

The Franz Welz glassworks was founded in Bohemia in 1728, and was in production until around the 1930's. The factory was also known as Antonienhütte. Franz Welz glass is most noted for a wide range of colorful artistic glassware produced during the 1920's & 1930's. Output at this time was similar in style to Kralik glass. Welz glass sometimes bears the acid etched mark "Made In Czechoslovakia" and has been noted to carry labels with the words “Royal Art Glass", "Franz Welz Klostergrab", "Made in Czechoslovakia", "PeDeBe" or the initials "F.W.K.".  For more information on Franz Welz click HERE

Tangerine Veriegated
Variegated Green Mica
Vertical Stripes
Zig Zag Lines
Translucent Lines and Spots
Yellow Veriegated
*All photos "taken by me" are property of Czech-artglass.com and Thomas Flory unless otherwise stated. I don't mind sharing for personal use, but do not alter, reproduce or sell the images without written permission.  If you see a photo that you believe is yours and want it removed, please contact me.​