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It all started over 20 years ago with marbles and the influence of my (now ex) mother and father in law. I caught the collecting bug from them.... At the time they were avid collectors of military relics, marbles and glassware to name a few. Although with me, it started with the marbles which led me to the Czech art glass or at the time what we called "made in Czechoslovakia" glass. I still have my first piece I bought those many years ago. I was not a very big collector and over the years acquired a smaller collection of about 20 - 30 pieces. But....then I found Collectors Weekly and met a lot of great "czech glass" people. I started to post some of my pieces and was opened up to a whole new world of collecting. I have learned more about czech art glass in the last few years than I have in all the previous 20 years. There were two seasoned collectors in particular that kind of took me in and shared all of their friendship, knowledge and collections with me...Thanks Craig and Jericho!

My interest is the love of the "Art" in the "Art Deco Glass". I am drawn to the glass by the beauty, delicateness, rarity and artistry incorporated in the creations made so many years ago...the fact they made such fascinating glass is impressive, but that the cherished pieces survived all these many years...many in perfect condition... that is astounding. I would say that I have "the eye" for sure...but I was never bitten by the research bug...thank goodness a good friend was :) (Craig Orkney of kralik-glass.com ) He is very good at it and I know I could never do what he does...he has changed the hobby and helped bring new light to what we "thought we knew".

Well, that is a little bit about me...I know that many of you who view this site are currently friends and the rest I hope are future friends! 

Thank you,